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Portable Cardiac ultrasound systems are used to provide several different types and levels of heart assessment examinations also known as echocardiography. Ultrasound​ uses noninvasive high-frequency sound waves to image the heart from various different positions.

Additionally, so that heart events can be timed, ECG leads are placed on the chest. Cardiac ultrasound featuring M-mode recordings permit measurement of cardiac dimensions and detailed analysis of complex motion patterns.

Time relationships with other physiological variables such as ECG, heart sounds, and pulse tracings, can be recorded simultaneously. Mid-range portable ultrasound systems also may have the option of performing Stress Echo exams and Tissue Doppler Imaging. Premium or High-end portable ultrasound systems may have the option for Strain Rate, Tissue Velocity Imaging, Auto Ejection Fraction and Tissue Tracking.

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Please contact UDS and allow our staff to recommend the right unit for your clinical environment​.


0 mindray m8 Mindray M8 Elite
phillips icon CX50 image Philips CX50
GE Healthcare vivid I 275 GE Vivid i
Chison chison sonobook ultrasound Chison SonoBook
whale whale lambda p9 ultrasound 275 Whale P9
sonoscape Sonoscape X5 Ultrasound tilted forward SonoScape X5
m7 Large 1 Mindray M7
Chison 201611113810633 Chison Ebit 60

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